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Department of Surgery

Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center

This website will serve as a repository of information on the Department of Surgery of Ospital ng Maynila starting 2001.


Essentially, it will contain a description of :

  • governance policies and procedures of the Department
  • services the Department offers together with the corresponding policies and standard operating procedures
  • training programs the Department offers together with an online distance education for general surgery residents
  • research activities and clinical practice guidelines of the Department
  • public health education on potential surgical conditions


How to use this Website

This website contains five (5) folders:

  • Governance
  • Service
  • Training
  • Research
  • Public Health Education

Click on the folder that will most likely contain your information need.

At the start of each folder, there is a table of content. Click on your desired file.

If you have any problem looking for information you need from the website of the Department of Surgery of Ospital ng Maynila, feel free to ask for assistance through the email listed below.

You may now surf the website by clicking on the desired folder listed below. Thank you for your interest. We welcome interaction and feedback.


Folders of Information




Research and Practice Guidelines

Public Health Education

This website contains the SERVICE folder.

What is General Surgery?

Philippine College of Surgeons

Philippine Society of General Surgeons

Education for Health Development in the Philippines

Date First Posted: March 31, 2001

Date Last Updated: November 10, 2001; June 12, 2002